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Most common complaint about Caesarstone Join, Quantum Quartz Join, Silestone Join, Essastone Join, Smart Stone is the Quality of the Join or Joins and especially WIDE or COLOUR MATCH. This comes down to ONE FACTOR – the QUALITY of your STONE INSTALLER.

Any GOOD STONE MASON can get these JOINS look SUPERB!.  You will see this in the last photo with the Pencil is one of our Standard Joins. If you look near the bottom arrow you will see the join line slightly.

Invisible Joins that THE STONE GUY does are that INVISIBLE this is only an EXAMPLE of a STANDARD Caesarstone Join.

Caesarstone Joins or Joins in any of the Engineered Stone Brands, comes down to Skill, Attention to Detail, the RIGHT TOOLS & Time. Without any of these you will have a Stone Benchtop or Caesarstone JOIN below par

What is PAR?

Par is the Australian Standard or the Building Code of Australia. If a Standard does not exist, it is a guide as an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM or a line in the sand for disputes. Keep in mind there are guidelines from the Stone Manufacturers that if not followed VOID your WARRANTY

Bench Top Joins
Where possible, it is recommended that joins be documented on all plans and working drawings presented to customers and that customers be advised of their anticipated location.

Unless otherwise specified, joins should be a minimum of two metres apart (where possible), kept to a minimum number, and minimised when located in cut outs.

The joint width should be as follows:
Natural Stone: 0-2mm – with a maximum variation of +1mm
Reconstituted Stone: 0-2mm – with a maximum variation of +1mm
The maximum step in the levels between adjacent edges of the bench top join (in the same plane), should be 0mm (+/- 1mm).

Wide, Lippy or Uneven Joins can be reset and Fixed.

NOTE: the fine grain series of Engineered Stone, like the PURE WHITE etc can leave a shadow or grey mark along the Join line if not correctly installed.


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