Quartz & Caesarstone Crack Repair

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Stone & Caesarstone Crack Repair

Stone Guys know STONE!

Consequently on finding a crack in your stone benchtop you are here requiring some information on Stone & Caesarstone Crack Repair Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, PerthStone Benchtop Repairs. Fortunately Stone, Quartz and Caesarstone crack repair are available to all quartz or any brand of engineered stone benchtop repair /s including Caesarstone crack repairs.


Any brand of engineered stone benchtop repair /s including Caesarstone crack repair /s. Require a totally different repair method and techniques over Granite and Marble. Caesarstone and stone benchtop repair /s and what is expected have come along way in the last 5 years.

As a result there is two repairs available, the first being a cheaper option where the surface is Dremel out to create a key for a filler stone adhesive to be applied as the Stone or Caesarstone crack repair.

Unfortunately the result is it is 70% visible repair and is subject to failing and also staining. Hence we do not recommend this option for Caesarstone crack repair.

Not all stone or stone benchtop repair are created equally.

Until recently major damage to engineered stone including caesarstone resulted in total replacement.  Hence why we offer our Stone and Caesarstone crack repair by fusing the stone together and rebuilding the crack with the components it is made from. Giving a optimal result of near perfection.

Why only one or two companies around the world are able to repair major damage  such as;

  • Cracks
  • Burns & Heat Damage
  • Hair Dye Stains
  • Permanent Markers
  • Dull Patches
  • Polish surface
  • Join re-polishing


Stone, Quartz and Caesarstone Bencthops only crack for three (3) reasons.

  • Pressure (Point Load)
  • Heat
  • Incorrect manufacturing of stone benchtops

In general pressure cracks are caused by incorrect installation of splashbacks though can be caused from standing on the stone benchtop in the incorrect place. By far the most common is from heat caused by not using trivots or heat pads. Consequently the stone absorbs heat until the substrate fails often causing a loud “bang” sound and a yellow to brown mark (white on darker colours).


Due to the why modern stone benchtops have low water absorption and the unique finish to the surface are the reasons it is extremely difficult to repair. Tradition repair or restoration techniques JUST DO NOT WORK!

Consequently the use of bleach, gumption or cream cleaners WILL damage the surface finish. As a result will leave water marks, dull patches, hazing, shadows and white spots.

Years of perfecting the techniques and products need to return the modern stone benchtops to their former glory. We offer Stone Benchtop repair in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and across Australia. A range of professional repairs to all brands and types of stone benchtops. We pride ourselves on stone benchtop repair /s and Caesarstone repairs that are near perfection. Rarely visible to our technicians.

Experience from our expertise in restoring stone to its former beauty. From Stone Benchtop Chips repairs to Oven Cleaner damage in Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone or Caesarstone.

Quartz & Caesarstone Crack Repair

Caesarstone Repairs YES
Essastone Repairs YES
Silestone Repairs YES
Quantum Quartz Repairs YES
Smartstone Repairs YES
QStone Repairs YES
Technistone Repairs YES
Engineered Stone Repairs YES
Granite Repairs YES
Marble Repairs YES

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Caesarstone & Stone Repairs

In the event you have damaged your Stone Benchtop from a chip, scratch, burn, crack, heat, yellowing or dull surface. Perfection repairs for your Stone or Caesarstone Benchtop.


Regardless of how you have tried to clean your stone benchtop or the type of Caesarstone Cleaner you have used. In any event its hard to keep clean. You just need to right Stone & Caesarstone Cleaner /s

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Professional Solutions

Because we only repair and modify Stone Benchtops our easy, cost effective, no mess professional repairs of near perfection. Especially engineered stone, Caesarstone Repairs Brisbane Sydeny Melbourne Canberra Perth, Essastone any type of Stone

  • Stone Benchtop Repair

    • Stone & Caesarstone Chip Repair
    • How to Clean Caesarstone Stain
    • Caesarstone Crack Repair
    • Dull Caesarstone
    • White Spot on Caesarstone
    • Granite – Marble – Quartz Repairs
    • Marble & Caesarstone Scratch
    • Burn
    • Heat
    • Polish Granite – Marble – Caesarstone
    • New Cooktop
    • Polishing
    • Cutting Caesarstone & Granite
    • Modifications – Hole – Drill – Cut

Stone Benchtop Crack Repair

Stone Benchtop Crack repairs can be carried out in two very different ways. We generally do not offer or recommend the first option as it is a temporary fix on modern stone benchtops such as caesarstone.

1) Remove a small portion of the crack with an Dremel tool and fill with the same epoxy used for cheap chip repairs. Hence it has the same problems with staining, colour and not being suitable for modern stone benchtops.

2) Our repairs similar to chips as the damage is rebuilt with the same components as the stone but the area must be cleaned and fused together.

Do not settle for an inferior crack repair. We offer the best crack repair for stone benchtops.

Stone Benchtop Heat & Burn Repair

Heat or burn damage is one of the hardest to repair on Caesarstone or modern stone benchtops. Even harder to repair than oven cleaner damage. Due to the fact that modern stone still acts like stone. Hence it will draw in heat or cold, why a pizza stone works. When the internal temperature reaches around 175degrees it will crack.

Burns occur from extremely high temperatures applied to the surface. For example this can be hot saucepans, sparklers, hair straighteners or blow torches. Hence burning the binding agents and if extremely hot will explode the quartz out of the surface.

Only one repaired can fix this damage – worldwide……. US!

Save thousands of $$$ by having us repair the damage to your caesarstone or modern stone benchtop.

Stone Benchtop Chip Repair

Stone Guys stone benchtop chip repairs are not just a fill. The chip is rebuilt with the same components that make up the stone benchtop originally. Resulting in a near perfect repair that is as strong as the original stone benchtop

“Yes” you can get cheaper stone benchtop chip repairs. Difference is the quality of repair, our repairs rebuilt damaged area from the components that the modern stone benchtop is originally made from. Resulting in a strong, durable and near perfect repair every time. Hence why our repairs are stronger than the original stone and will not fall out, yellow or re-break.

Stone Benchtop Polish

Easily return the shine, polish and ease of maintenance to your stone benchtop. Through the use of our especially formulated Engineered Stone & Caesarstone Benchtop Cleaning Kit

Damaged polish on stone benchtops due to the modern surface finishes, can not be DIY re-polished. Dull patches, Water marks are from the use of harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners. Email us via the below button if you are unsure and one of our professional team will advise you the best way to polish or re-shine your stone benchtop.

Stone Benchtop Stains Repair

Stain from Coffee, Tea, newspaper ink, spices, curry,
turmeric plus many others are easily removed. Without the need for non scratch pads, abrasive cleaners which run the rise of damaging the gloss to the surface of the stone benchtop.

Highly Recommend
Stone Guys Spot & Stain Remover

Occurrences of stains that can not be removed by our Spot & Stain Remover will need to be professionally removed.

Stains from the following are physical damage to the stone benchtop.

  • Hair Dye
  • Heat
  • Burns
  • Bleach
  • Damage from Rubbing
  • Using the wrong cleaners

We can repair the damaged area to have the same finish and shine as the remain stone benchtop finish.

Stone Benchtop Water Marks & Dull Spots Repair

Can not remove water marks? One reason for this is it is physical damage to the finish of the Caesarstone & Stone Benchtop. Caused from incorrect stone benchtop cleaners. Like Spray & Wipe, Orange based cleaners, glass cleaners etc.

Grab some RENEW PLUS in our Professional Cleaning Kit

Especially formulated ato renew the shine to all modern engineered stone benchtops including brands like caesarstone.RENEW PLUS used in conjunction with Stone Guys Cleaning Kit will give you the best results. Plus keeping your stone benchtop in perfect condition, easier to keep clean.

First thing to remember – Stone Guys for Stone Benchtop Repair